Scenario features a selection of unique pieces of furniture, all of which embody the flair of 'Novecento' - the 20th century - and its rich design heritage. Each piece has an intriguing story to tell; whether spotted in the best antique fairs, hidden in private collections or neglected in old basements around the world. Through Scenario, they are all given a second opportunity to be appreciated by experts as well as by amateurs. Scenario was established in early 2016 by Elisabetta Moranduzzo, a talented Italian Interior Designer with a recognized international background. Animated by creative passion and a natural aptitude for taste and elegance, Moranduzzo gathers the finest master craftsmen, gifted designers, and great collectors to bring to life a unique selection of timeless and authentic pieces. Based in the Principality of Monaco, a cosmopolitan location where cultural heritage, history, and modern design melt., Scenario in recent years, has become home to a distinctive and vibrant international art and design community.